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August 14, 2012
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Daddy!AmericaXMommy!ReaderXChild!Canada: Kisses

You were silently cooking in the kitchen making dinner for your family the silence although was disturbed when you heard a loud noise come from the living room. You wondered what it was. "Mama! Mama!" a little blonde boy cried running toward you. You look at the small boy clinging to your leg.

"What's wrong Mattie?" you said kneeling down to the five year olds height. The small blonde boy looked up with tears streaming down his face. You gasped when you saw that his forehead was red.

"I-I fell on my face," he said quietly in between his crying.

"My poor baby!" you said and lifted him up into your arms and cradled him.

"It hurts mama," Mattie said.

"I know how to make it better," you said smiling. He looked up at you tears in his eyes. You kissed his forehead. "See all better!" you said.

"B-but you just kissed it," the small boy said.

"A kiss always makes things better," you said and tapped Matthew's nose gently with your finger. He smiled brightly.

"It doesn't hurt anymore!" Mattie said.

"Yay~" you cheered. Suddenly the door to your house opened.

"I'm home!" you heard your husband Alfred call out.

"Papa!" Mattie said. You giggled and put the small boy down on the floor. Once Matthew was on the floor he ran towards his father. Alfred took notice and swooped Matthew up in his arms and lifting the small boy in the air. Matthew giggled in delight. "Higher papa higher!" the small boy exclaimed. Alfred did so and after a few minutes of throwing Mattie in the air he stopped. You laughed.

"So how was work?" you asked going back to your cooking not wanting to burn anything that was on the stove.

"It was boring," your husband whined like a child. You rolled your eyes.

"Alfred F. Jones you're a grown man stop complaining!" you said putting your hands on your hips.

"But I can't help it~" Alfred whined again. Matthew giggled at the scene. You giggled as well and returned to your cooking again. When suddenly you felt Alfred's strong arms embrace you.

"Alfred?" you questioned.

"Did I ever tell you, you look hot in an apron?" he said into your ear. You felt your face go hot.

"A-Alfred!" you said and then suddenly Alfred yelped in pain and backed away. His face scrunched up in pain holding his finger. "Are you okay?" you said freaking out to why he was holding his finger.

"Dammit," he whispered. "I just burned myself…." he said.

"He was too close to the stove," you thought and grabbed an icepack from the fridge and place it on his finger.

"What's wrong papa?" Matthew quietly asked a worried expression across his face.

"Don't worry Mattie, daddy just got a bit hurt that's all," Alfred said and smiled.

"Let me see!" he said. Alfred gave his son a curious look but did so. Matt look at Alfred's red finger and kissed it. Alfred got even more confused.

"Mama said if you kiss a wound it will make it all better!" Mattie said throwing his hands in the air smiling big. Alfred smiled.

"Is that so?" the blonde man said. "Well that's awesome because it doesn't hurt anymore thanks bud!" Alfred said and patted the little blonde boy's head.

"Yay~" the boy said. You smiled at the two. Alfred then approached you and kissed you on the lips taking you by surprise but you kiss back. "Does Mama lips hurt?" Mattie curiously said tilting his head to the side. You and Alfred parted blushing a bit.

"Y-yes!" Alfred said. You laughed.
Requested by :icontoxic-x-lust:

I hope you like it!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Your husband :iconsexyamerica2plz:
Your adorable child :iconkawaiicanadaplz:
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