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August 1, 2012
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You woke up quite early in the morning. You yawned quietly covering your mouth. Sitting up you looked around to see your husband fast asleep with your 6 year old child named Alfred snuggling next to him. You smiled at this and commented in your head on how cute it looked. You looked at your 5 year old child named Matthew he was wide awake and staring you with those big cute eyes. "Good morning mama," the small boy quietly said rubbing his eyes.

"Your up early sweetie," you said and kissed his forehead. "Did you have a good night's rest?" you asked him getting out of the bed quietly.

"Yes mama," the small boy answered and yawned. "Mama I'm hungry," the boy said his arms reaching out to you. You smiled and picked up Matthew.

"Alright but first we should brush our teeth," you said and entered the bathroom. You brushed your teeth and then Matthew's. When you were done with that you went to the kitchen. "What would you like for breakfast?" you asked.

"Pancakes!" Matthew exclaimed with his arms out. You laughed at this.

"Pancakes it is!" you said and set the small boy in the baby chair. You set out the ingredients and turn your back to them. Matthew looked at the box of flour where the pancake picture was. He grabbed for it and accidentally dropped it.


You turn around to see a puff of white powder and then a white little Matthew. "Oops," he said and then sneezed. "I'm sorry," he said on the verge of crying.

"No no no it's alright Mattie!" you said grabbing a paper towel and rinsed it with water. Then you cleaned his face which was covered in flour. Then cleaned up the other mess. "See all better nor harm done," you told him. He nodded. "Would you like to help me make some pancakes?" you asked him. He smiles shyly.

"If it's okay with you mama," he says sweetly. You giggled for what seemed the tenth time that morning.

"I need all the help I can get your brother has a big appetite," you said. Matthew nodded. The two of you worked on the pancakes and finished just in time. While you were serving the last batch of them you felt two strong arms wrap around you from behind.

"Good morning love," Arthur said.

"Good morning Arthur," you said turning your head to the side and your lips connected with his. The kiss got a bit heated up. "Not in front of the kids," you said blushing. He laughed quietly.

"I know," he said and grabbed the plates and started setting them around the table not to far away. Matthew and Alfred were already sitting at the table.

"Mama! I want 5 pancakes!" Alfred said.

"Yes dear," you said and grabbed the huge plate that contained the many stacks of pancakes. You gave yourself, Matthew and Arthur two pancakes while you gave Alfred five. "Syrup?" you said.

"Yes please!" they all said. Breakfast went by quickly and now you were outside watching Alfred playing a hero and Matthew playing with his fluffy teddy bear. You were sitting next to England who was reading a book while you just looked out and observed your two kids and the nature around them. Your smiled faded when you heard Matthew cry. You got up quickly.

"No need to fear little brother your hero is here!" Alfred yelled and killed what looked like a harmless little spider. You sighed in relief and sat back down. Arthur looked at you and smiled.

"Love you alright?" Arthur asked.

"Ya just a bit tired," you said.

"Then you should rest," he said putting down his book and wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

"Who's going to take care of the kids and you," you teased.

"I can take care of myself thank you very much," the British man said.

"Right," you joked.

"Papa come play with us," said Mattie appearing next Arthur's side.

"Alright I'm coming," Arthur said and watched as the small boy ran off to probably tell Alfred that papa was on his way. "Just rest love will be fine," Arthur said and kissed your cheek before standing up and walking over to the kids. You watched as they played and laughed when Arthur pretended to be lifting weights when he was actually just lifting the small boys in the air. "Forget resting," you thought and got up and joined them.
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